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Chahta Im Anno̱pa I̱cho̱wa Hiyohli Talówa

Learn the ABC’s in the Choctaw language by watching this sing along video.

Chahta Im Anno̱pa I̱cho̱wa Hiyohli

This video offers children of every age a fun way to learn the basics of the Choctaw language by reciting the Chahta alphabet.  You can turn on closed captioning to view either Choctaw or English subtitles.

Choctaw Tribal Language Program (CTLP)

The Choctaw Tribal Language Program (CTLP) was established by the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians in 1997. Program staff concentrate a majority of their time towards helping children and youth learn to understand and communicate in the Choctaw language.

Na Powa Alhíha

Many community members helped create these characters right down to choosing names related to the animal or the theme the character would be teaching. It is the aim of the Choctaw Language Program to support language learners and give them the confidence to know they can learn and speak the Choctaw language.

Okfochosh Imma (About a Duck)

Okfochosh Imma is an original short story written by Priscilla Williams that follows a duck venturing out for a meal.

Okchalechi Awakener

Join Shawí and his friends as they sing songs and do activities, all while speaking the Choctaw language. They will go over the Choctaw words for various shapes, colors, numbers, and many other useful words in the Choctaw language.

The 11 songs were produced by the MBCI Tribal Language Program.

Kí Hopína

Follow along and learn how to count from 1 to 10 in the Choctaw language.