This page houses articles and historical publications relating to the Choctaw tribe, from sources such as the Nanih Waiya magazine and trasncripts from the Southeastern Indian Oral History Project.  Items were collected from public and private collections.

1996 Chahta Anumpa Stickball Issue

This edition of Chahta Anumpa provides general and historical information on Choctaw stickball.

Making Bows with Tom Ben

In this article, the Nanih Waiya Magazine Staff visits with Tom Ben to discuss bow making.  Nanih Waiya Magazine Vol. III No. 4 Summer 1976

1970 Choctaw Indian Fair Program

View this 1970 Choctaw Indian Fair Souvenir Program, which features a photo of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant & Chief of Stickball Baxter York on the cover.


The first graduating class of Pearl River High School, class of 1964, created this annual and titled it The RIVIERA. Included in this document are items such as class prophecies, aspirations, and student photographs.  Click on the image above to view a copy.

Baxter York Again

Baxter York was very knowledgeable in Choctaw history. This 1974 article written by Nanih Waiya magazine staff relays information given by Mr. York concerning Choctaw language, community names and social dancing.

Robert Ben

Click on the image above to learn more about past B.I.A. Superintendent Robert Ben. Also included are descriptions about his duties as Superintendent.

1964 Choctaw Indian Fair Program

Take a look at this 1964 brochure of the 15th annual Choctaw Indian Fair.

Arch Mingo

Click on the image above to learn more about Choctaw elder Arch Mingo and his thoughts on the Choctaw Indian Fair. This article was pulled from the 48th annual Choctaw Indian Fair program.

Phillip Martin interview

1974 interview of Phillip Martin concerning tribal government.

Katherine Isaac McMillan

Get an insight to growing up and going to school during the Great Depression era through the eyes of Choctaw elder Katherine McMillan. Article is from the 53rd annual Choctaw Indian Fair program.

Choctaw Social Dancing

This is an interview conducted by Nanih Waiya magazine staff of Tony Bell and Amy Jackson. The subject of the interview is about Choctaw social dancing. This article was pulled from the Fall 1973 Nanih Waiya magazine.

Choctaw Dances

Learn more about the different categories of Choctaw dances and why they are performed from this 1976 article pulled from the Nanih Waiya magazine.

Choctaw Wedding

Click on the image above to learn more about one method of performing a Choctaw Wedding ceremony. This article is from the Fall-Winter 1974-1975 Nanih Waiya magazine.

Henry Williams

Read to learn more about the interesting life of Henry Williams in this article pulled from the 53rd Annual Choctaw Indian Fair program. Subjects such as stickball, growing up in a large family, farming, and childhood memories are discussed.

Nanih Waiya Mound

This document contains photos and information of the Nanih Waiya Mound. Also included are photos of Choctaw basket makers, and baskets.

Service & Protection

Pulled from the fall edition of the 1977 Nanih Waiya magazine, Captain Melvin Gibson details how the need arose for a Choctaw Police force and the responsibilities that accompany with being a part of the Choctaw Law & Order.

Re-Establishment of Tribal Government

This document has historical information concerning the re-establishment of Tribal Government for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.


Laymon Shumake describes the materials that are needed, and the process in which it takes to make a blowgun. Nanih Waiya Vol 1 No 2 Winter 1974