Video features highlight aspects of Choctaw culture and heritage

The Legend of the Nanih Waiya Staff by Wagoner Amos

Wagoner Amos shares a story that was told to him by his elders. The story concerns the Nanih Waiya mound and the sacred staff. 

Owatta (Traditional Hunting)

Hunting was a way of life for the Choctaws in times past.  The use of handmade weapons and hunting skills provided needed sustenance. Today’s elders provide their insight into ancient hunting ways.


Donna Williams describes the 4 step process of preparing hominy corn the traditional Choctaw Way

Life of A Choctaw Sharecropper

After the removal of the Choctaws to the west, the remaining Choctaws faced hardships.  Being in dire poverty, and no work to be found, the Choctaws turned to the work of sharecropping to survive.


The unique style of the Choctaw dress and shirt are one of the identifiable items in the Choctaw culture. The evolution of the design and style of the shirts and dresses and how they are made is discussed in this video


Recreation and game playing has been a part of the Mississippi Choctaws for many generations. From rolling a tire down a hill, to the ancient game of stickball, the Choctaws enjoyed their games.


Historians often wrote of how the Choctaws were by nature, a peace loving and compassionate group. Ready to lend a helping hand to a neighbor in a time of need. This feature will show the spirit of generosity that personifies the Choctaw people.


A retro look at the Choctaw Indian Fair from its small beginnings. It stands as a showplace for Choctaw traditions and culture, and a homecoming.


R.J., one of the best known Choctaw fiddle players, is recognized in this video along with other notable fiddle players. Choctaw fiddle playing and Choctaw house dancing have played a part in the social world of the Mississippi Choctaw.

Traditional Choctaw Hymns

Welcome to the Choctaw Tribal Elders Oral History Project. In this feature, Mr. Richardson Isaac will describe his experience in learning Choctaw Hymns. He and his brother, Williamson Isaac, were raised in a christian household and continue to pass down what they were taught. Performing the Choctaw Hymns are Williamson Isaac, Richardson Isaac, and Thelma Barnes

A Lesson From Morning Chores

Tribal elder Billy Chickaway shares a life lesson experience about responsibility.