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Hominy Corn Prep

CTEOHP staff captures the process of Donna Williams preparing hominy corn the traditional way.  There are 4 steps to this process, which you can view in our Hominy Corn Preparation video.  Video features can be found under the CULTURAL FEATURES tab.

Choctaw Hymn

Choctaw hymn singing at the Hope Indian Baptist Church. Our demonstrators for this activity were Richardson Isaac, Thelma Barnes, and Williamson Isaac.  Footage of this recording can be found in the Traditional Choctaw Hymns video.  All video features can be found under the CULTURAL FEATURES tab.

Oral traditions are deeply rooted in the culture of the Mississippi Choctaws of today. The customs and practices of the Choctaw people have been passed down for many generation through stories and oral teachings of their elders. The Choctaw Cultural Legacy website is dedicated to the continuation of this Tribal tradition for the purpose of  preserving and perpetuating the Life ways of the Mississippi Choctaws. Our website features the Choctaw Tribal Elders Oral History Project, which consists of  a series of video features highlighting cultural traditions, a gallery of Mississippi Choctaw images, media resources, and project partner links. We invite you to explore our site and learn about the cultural life ways of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

Photograph provided by the Collection of the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art,
Laurel, Mississippi

Cultural Features

Our videos focus on cultural related topics, and include commentary from tribal elders.  Click on the icon to be taken to our cultural features page

Meet Our Elders

Here you can find more information about the elders that have been interviewed, and also some stories from their childhood.

Image Gallery

Browse through some of the photographs we have collected thus far in our project.  We plan to continue adding more material soon.

Audio Resources

Here you can find items ranging from Choctaw fables, life experiences, and a custom description.


View past Choctaw Indian Fair pamphlets, transcribed interviews, stories from the Nanih Waiya Magazine, and articles concerning Choctaws.


Acknowledgement of people and organizations that have contributed to our project.  Many are great sources for finding items and information concerning Choctaws, so be sure to visit their website.

*CTEOHP is a non-profit educational project of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians for the purpose of providing an educational glimpse into the Choctaw culture.  Many of the items found on our website are used by permission from other organizations, and are for viewing only.  Usage of items is strictly prohibited, unless permission is explicitly given by the DCI-Special Projects / Media Program or the item’s source of origin.

This Project is an effort of the Department of Chahta Immi’s Special Projects / Media Program to capture aspects of the Choctaw Heritage as told by Tribal elders for archival & educational purposes.
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